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Wall Retaining Walls

Install a brand new retaining wall on your residential or commercial property’s bank to prevent erosion, flooding, and damages by hiring the expert team at Outback Construction LLC. You’ll love the benefits of your new retaining wall and our competitive pricing!

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A new retaining wall will give your property the extra height it needs to keep the bordering body of water from spilling over into your property.

With a new retaining wall, you can improve the structural integrity of your property!

Prevent flooding

By keeping erosion and flooding in check with a new retaining wall, you won’t have to spend thousands on maintenance and repair costs.

You’ll see all the savings your retaining wall provides in the long run!

Reduce maintenance costs

Your new retaining wall’s immense strength and durability will keep the soil of your property in place for a long time, preventing the disastrous consequences of erosion before they start.  

We have several options for retaining wall styles. We can use boulders or decorative rock-faced landscape blocks weighing approximately 2,000 pounds each. Our company considers these a “forever block” because of their durability and longevity. These are a better option than the smaller retaining blocks. Because of their size, they are very stable.

Keep soil in place with a new retaining wall

High-Value Retaining Walls

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